Non Fiction

#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness

By Gary Vanyerchuk

A book completely written in a question and answer format…not something I’m typically fond of. However, when it’s Gary Vee it just works. This book covered a myriad of topics from the typical business topics of leadership and management to root beer and wine. Of course social media was covered. I must admit, like his previous book Crush It, this did not read like a typical business/how to/motivational book, it read like a conversation with a great friend.

Gary Vee has a way of making complex topics seem incredibly simple, but at the same time doesn’t sugar coat anything. Hard work is needed to achieve anything, and in the end that is truly his main message.

The answers, while typically concise, thoroughly answer the questions that are presented. The index makes it easy to find a particular topic if interest. The summaries at the beginning of the chapter, which are worded similarly to the introduction of his YouTube show of the same name, make it easy for the reader to decide to proceed, skip or skim the chapter.

I would recommend this book for businessy types or those looking for an entertaining but informative read.