Looking at myself in the mirror

Jesi and I have recently taken up weight lifting. We signed up with a personal trainer at our gym because picking up heavy things requires a multitude of steps running the gambit from easy (learning the proper form) to hard (actually getting a squat rack on leg day). Of everything though, the hardest has been … Continue reading Looking at myself in the mirror

Eleven Miles And A Tumble

Eleven miles in a little over two hours. It felt amazing. I felt fast and smooth. It was as if I was gliding. The Hoka's have been a true gift on long runs helping my joints and my legs remain fresh for longer.  I took a bit of a different route to get to the … Continue reading Eleven Miles And A Tumble

Are You Strong Enough To Be A Marathoner?

Think Sheryl Crow, accordion in hand, standing on a VH1 stage. Or at least that is what came to mind when I titled this blog. Yesterday was a rest day, actually I switched my Monday rest day with Tuesday's miles in order to juggle class and training. I had my Tax Law course last night and knew … Continue reading Are You Strong Enough To Be A Marathoner?