The frustration continues

Once again I slept through the alarm. Once again my knee is bothering issues with my eyelashes. (See yesterdays blog for this reference) The pain was pretty bad today, bad enough that I had to bring out my hinged knee brace and wear it to the office. I felt immediate relief once I put … Continue reading The frustration continues

Post race recovery

Monday is my planned rest day. Something that I greatly took after the excitement of yesterday. I thankfully didn't have any issues with pain or soreness after yesterday's run, minus some slight discomfort from the bee stings. The biggest factor was some degree of fatigue. In terms of post race, next day feeling, I felt pretty … Continue reading Post race recovery

Nine and a half hour travel day

Today was the travel day that wouldn't end. We left at 4 am, making it yet another short night. We had anticipated some degree of morning commuter traffic but did not expect to spend nine and a half hours in the car WITHOUT any side trips or adventures. The culprit wasn't Connecticut as expected, but … Continue reading Nine and a half hour travel day