Who am I?

I am JJ Bell and I am humbled and pleased that you have decided to spend some time reading my page. I am a commissions and inventory analyst for a mid-size retail chain by day. By night, and any free moments of thought and time, a marathon runner.

Why is running so important?

Running has made me a stronger, healthier and more confident person. A statement that probably made you do a mental “no-duh”.
Aside from the physical changes that my body took over the last six years, running truly saved my life and made me a stronger person to the core (and gave me a better core). Running has taught me how to make long term plans, how to overcome adversity (26.2 miles isn’t a walk in the park, especially when your socks get wet at mile 3) and how to take pride in the seemingly little things.

Just what the world needs, another running/fitness/health centric blog   

I totally concur. The vast world of  social media platforms are filled with online personalities taunting their method and information to be the best. Truth be told, what it doesn’t need is another blogger cluttering up the bandwidth rambling about their training methods. That being said, I feel that my clutter has a unique voice.

When I began my journey, I found that what was lacking was information geared towards the non-Olympic, newbie, woman. For that matter there is a definite lack of information regarding Olympic woman runners. While I’m not a newbie any more, I am still a woman and therefore felt that I could fill an informational niche that is lacking. That being said, I feel that my knowledge will be able to provide value to anyone’s journey regardless of gender.

My ultimate mission is to provide a site dedicated to reliable and well researched (as any true geek would)  information that will help guide you on this journey you have undertaken. In other words, I want to be your one stop click for information. If you don’t see what you are looking for shoot me an email under my contact tab and I will gladly get back to you as soon as possible.

Why listen to me?

I will be completely honest, while I have an associates, bachelors, two masters and am currently on my way to my CPA; I DO NOT have any certification in nutrition or fitness. However, I spend extensive time reading articles/books/magazines and consuming information on social media platforms about all things related to health, running and fitness. For that matter I spend an extensive amount of time reading, I am afterall a geek. (Be forewarned that there may on occasion be a book review that pops up)

I have created nutrition and training plans for friends, family and even my wife, with all achieving success WITHOUT injury.

My ultimate goal is to be a coach and cheerleader that provides you with valuable content that will allow you to become a healthier, happier and more confident runner.

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