Back At It

Coming across a snake (albeit dead) and the constant flood of meme’s with red balloons and gutter clowns resulted in me running directly down the center of Market Street. Somehow in the pre-dawn early hours I felt that this would magically save me from any potential danger I might encounter.

It was a pretty good run. I felt sluggish but I had some really great fast split times. I enjoyed being back out there in the morning, even if the thought of snakes and clowns was freaking me out. I listened to music to stay motivated instead of an audio book, but while interesting isn’t as lively as Mumford & Sons bumping in my ears.

I was reminded how nice the rest of the day goes when you get up and get the run out of the way. With the town fall festival fast approaching and Jesi needing to cut out seemingly millions of Lego men in the evenings, means that I can relax and enjoy and not be so focused on hurrying up to get my miles done.

My shorts that I ordered the other day have arrived-I’m super excited to give them a try in the morning when I run. I bought the Brooks Sherpa 2 in 1 shorts, they have little pockets for my phone and attached boxer brief undies. They are super duper soft. I’m excited to wear them tomorrow when I run. I wonder if they will make me go faster?

Off to bed I go so that I can get up and train again tomorrow!

Happy Running!


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