Rest Day Monday

Today was a rest a day. Shocker given the title of the blog.

I did walk at lunch today but other than that  I was pretty stationary. My knee is doing ok. There is occasional cracking but nothing horrible like I have been experiencing. I am in hopes that the icing and Advil have helped calm down the issue.

With a month to go before the race, actually a little less than a month, I have dedicated the last few weeks to not missing a training run. I would ideally like to hit all my miles as laid out for the last month. That is goal number two of my overall training.

Work went well, albeit boring. I spent the day looking up state sales tax regulations for our new locations. My evening was spent cutting out small Lego men on the silhouette cutter for Jesi’s parade event this weekend. That was actually quite bit of fun. 50 down 300 more to go!

It was during our discussion for the weekend that I realized my 20 miler for this weekend would be impossible to do since we have the parade on Saturday and I have to attend both church services on Sunday for my talk. I decided after much thought and discussion that I will switch this weekends 20 mile run with the following weeks 12 miles run. Since I haven’t been as well trained the last couple weeks as I recuperate, I decided that it would be better to take another week of focused miles before I tackle the longest training run on my schedule.

My decision was two fold, one of time and of safety. I know that my body is more sensitive to training use injuries. Taking a more conservative approach always yields positive results. Flexibility is key to success. Flexibility and thoughtfulness will yield a finisher medal without injury, which is the ultimate goal.

Tomorrow morning I will get up and start my last few weeks of focus and consistent training. Early to bed I go to ensure that I don’t allow exhaustion to get in my way.

Happy Running!


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