Sunday Funday Mowing

What better way to spend a cross training day than mowing? Mowing is my go to cross training and training make up routine. The weather today wasn’t any better than yesterday, it still feels more like summer than fall but the lawn was looking shaggy so it needed to be done.

It also gave me time to contempt and think about the day a little. I realized that I often (all the time really) get too analytical about things when my heart gets involved. Next weekend I will be speaking about my experience as a gay person in a small town and conservative family. My level of anxiety is actually pretty high. I thought I was ok but the more I thought about it the more nervous I became. As one of my choir mates attempted to say how it’ll be ok, he is one that is comfortable speaking in front of groups, it actually made the anxiety worse. He seemed to not grasp that me getting in front of a run full of people was not exactly the same as a job interview. I appreciated his attempt to help but he in fact made it worse.

Oddly enough mowing the lawn helped. I listened to music and just mindlessly walked in rows. The repetitive nature of the mowing definitely calmed my nerves. It was like running but in the same place-with power tools. The result was a nicely cut lawn, well stretch of lawns since I do the two neighboring yards as well.

I’m not sure if mowing is approved cross training but until I hear otherwise, I’ll keep doing it.

Happy Mowing!



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