Long Run Saturday

It is like the dead of summer in September! I left a little after 7 am with it feeling like a cool fall morning. Arriving home nearly three hours later it was nearly 80 degrees and humid. Not your typical September morning on the East Coast.

Despite the unseasonably warm weather I was pleased with the day. My training plan said to complete 14, but I did a very solid 12. The higher temps and the beginnings of a slight twinge in my knee helped my decision to return home straight from Market Street rather than adding the Schifferstadt loop on the back end.

The start of the run was a little startling when I found my self levitating and running out into the middle of Market Street to avoid a snake in the gutter. Thankfully (although probably not for him) he was dead. However it did remind me to more mindful in the morning of creatures in the gutter. I did capture a picture of the snake, but since I’m unsure of the readers like or dislike of reptiles I will leave it to the readers imagination.

I went up Market Street to Mount Olivet. I did three loops around the cemetery. I started in my usual direction and added the gravel path in the back. My second loop was in the opposite direction and my third loop was my initial direction plus some laps around the internal roadways. It was a nice day to explore and find different markers and sights.

I listened to the Jonathon and Drew Scott memoir along the way. I’m still 100% in love with the book. Their non linear approach to their story was difficult to follow at times. And having two narrators that have similar voices made it challenging to follow along. But over the positive message and humorous behind the scenes stories have made the read not terrible.

I didn’t have negative splits this run. My time overall was pretty slow. However given that I haven’t been able to run consistently the last couple weeks I was pleased with the effort. I averaged a 13:45 pace for 12.2 miles. It was a fairly flat run with minimal hills and elevation.

Overall it was a good focused effort that achieved the goals I had set out:

  1. Run a minimum of 10
  2. Keep a consistent pace
  3. Remember to drink and eat at the 5k marks
  4. Have fun

Number four was a more subjective goal but I had as much fun as one typical does when it’s hot and you are running.

Just a few more weekend runs until race day. Even with the knee issues, I still have ample time to finish with solid training for a successful race day.

Happy Running!


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