Rest Day Friday

I actually took today as an actual rest day, I didn’t even walk at lunch. Though I will admit that was mostly because I have been trying to get my blog caught up. I have been remiss in my blogging duties as of late. I feel like my struggles in training have carried over into my blog. It’s challenging to come up with blog topics when all that is going on is struggling through an annoying knee issue and lack of sleep.

I had planned to attempt to make up some of my miles this week by running some miles in the morning before work. But my knee which is moderately less cranky and my exhaustion which is still incredibly cranky made it difficult to haul myself out of bed.

Because of that I decided to reboot my mental batteries and my physical self and take a rest day. A true rest day. Not only did I take the day but I focused on being ok with taking the day. I realized that in addition to my mounting frustration of pain and exhaustion I was increasing my negative self talk about “pushing through” and “getting too far behind”. My self talk has begun to freak me out as I look at what I’ve run versus what I should have run at this point. It is definitely a case of analysis paralysis.

I decided to take today to step back from that and just relax and think about other things that are not related to running. As the day is drawing to a close, I think it was a successful exercise as I am looking forward to my long run tomorrow. I have some mental clarity and some very realistic goals to achieve during my long run tomorrow. I think after taking a step back from running and self flagellation I have managed to regroup for the remaining few weeks in my training.

Happy Running!

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