The frustration continues

Once again I slept through the alarm. Once again my knee is bothering me….no issues with my eyelashes. (See yesterdays blog for this reference) The pain was pretty bad today, bad enough that I had to bring out my hinged knee brace and wear it to the office. I felt immediate relief once I put it on, though forgot that I sit most of the day so should have slid it down my leg at some point.

Despite the morning frustration we ended the evening at Camden Yards taking in my beloved Red Sox win 9-0 and clinch a post season spot. It made for a late night but it was a lot of fun to go with Jesi and some friends. Our seats were perfect, the weather was terrific and the traffic on the Beltway was as expected-wild and crazy.

Even though I continue to be frustrated about my exhausted and knee I am noticing that I am coming out of my funk a little bit. I think the soft serve cone dipped in sprinkles and spending the night wearing a ball glove in hopes of catching a foul ball helped lift the cloud.

I need to remind myself some days to think of other things besides running-it really does help ones mood.

Happy Running!

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