I woke up today with a super sore knee. And was incredibly exhausted. I was so exhausted that I literally slept through my alarms. It’s just an incredibly frustrating feeling. I think the level of exhaustion also plays into the frustration and makes it worse.

I think my inability to maintain my training rhythm due to travel and injury has finally begun to weigh heavy on my shoulders. We have a few weeks in a row where we were traveling or participating in things that caused me to switch my training schedule and by extension it messed up my nice tidy routine.

I feel incredibly selfish for getting frustrated about the change in plan, especially given that our travel plans are so that Jesi can see her family. Unlike me who lives directly across the street from my mother Jesi is nearly 500 miles away from her family so visiting them is infrequent. I try mightily not to get frustrated that my training plan gets screw bally because she always so accommodating to my wacky training routine.

I think today was just the first time I allowed the feelings of frustrating to outweigh my attempts at being focused and positive during training. I think it’s just one of those days. I am in hopes that the pain and exhaustion will dissipate soon so that I can get back into the swing of things. Especially since I feel like my blogs are beginning to become redundant in their retelling of my knee and exhaustion…at the very least I could have some sort of roving issue that would make the blog interesting. Tune in tomorrow for JJ’s newest roving pain…today it’s the knee tomorrow it’s her eyelashes. At least it would add some pizzazz to the reading.

I will admit that my spirits have lifted slightly after sharing my frustrations. What frustrations are you currently experiencing with your training?

Happy Running!

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