First long run in awhile

IMG_3533I struck out on my first long run in awhile this morning. I waited a little later than usual since it was super foggy this morning. I wanted to wait until it was light out before striking out, I didn’t want to contend with darkness AND fog. Never a good combination for runners.

It wasn’t really the greatest long run but it felt nice to stretch my legs out for longer than a few short miles. My training plain said 18 miles. Given the few miles I have run this week, I knew that 18 wouldn’t be a prudent idea. I left with the goal of going a minimum of 10 but a maximum of 13. I decided that I would use my race tomorrow as the remainder of the miles for the weekend, assuming I did 13.

I have moved on to a new audio book, It Takes Two: Our Story, by Jonathon and Drew Scott. Its selection was honestly accidental, I was on the Hoopla App and I merely meant to click to get a description of the book but ended up borrowing it. I figured I might as well give it a listen. It’s an okay listen, it’s not high end literature but it’s a fun read by a couple of entertainers. But as with all my other memoir reads, the thread that connects the stories and makes them interesting to me-is how they become successful. It wasn’t overnight, it was through trail and error and failure. There truly is no quick fix to success in anything. I think what I have found most fascinating is that typical success stories are from the POV of business people, but listen to entertainers and realize that their single minded focus on their passion is the same equation used for any other career/goal success. Even though the story isn’t maybe Pulitzer Prize winning, the lessons are equally as important.

For this run my knee brace, which frankly started to bug me around mile six. The amount of sweat running down my leg into my ankle, one would think that I had dipped my leg in the lake. Also it was uncomfortable at a point because the tracking issues with my knee seemed to have corrected themselves making the brace obsolete. Though it was annoying, I am grateful to have had it with me.

I kept a consistent 12:00-12:40 minute pace, with mile eight being a sub 12 minute pace. I ended up getting just shy of ten miles. I was okay with the total miles and the feel and pace of the run. My brain just was having difficulty settling. I’m not sure if it was thinking about my race tomorrow, concern for my knee, or some other random thing that I can’t think of. By the time I was heading for home I realized that I wasn’t going to make the ten, rather than randomly run around in circles in the neighborhood (nothing wrong with that I have do it numerous times) I just went home.

I realized that I was feeling good and I wanted to maintain that feeling through my race tomorrow. I want to have fresh legs and a clear head when I attempt my first ever trail race.

Post run wise, my knee was almost completely pain free which was interesting given that I was in a small amount of pain when I struck out for my run. I’m wondering if the running combined with the pressure of the brace put everything back where it should be. Regardless of the physics of it, I’m relieved that tomorrow might be a pain free knee day.

Happy Running!


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