Friday blues

Friday should be a happy day. End of the work week but I am frustrated and worried about the missed miles this week. I am trying not to beat myself up too horribly but am struggling as the knee issue has dragged on, seemed better and then reared its head again.

My knee was better this morning. I iced my leg last night and kept up a consistent regime of Advil throughout yesterday and today. I decided that I would tackle my long run in the morning, as I normally would on Saturday. Since I decided to do that I made the follow up decision that I would follow my training plan in regards to Friday’s being a rest day.

I am trying to get back into the training routine and schedule. Even if I don’t hit the allotted miles for that day I want to get back into the swing of running on days I am to run and resting and recovering on days that I’m supposed to.

Happy Running!



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