No Thursday Run

I woke up this morning with a swollen knee. On a scale of one to ten the pain was about a three. Not horrible. Totally manageable. But I had some visible puffiness around my knee cap. I decided that it be best to forego my usual Thursday group run.

I feel as if I have been a broken record this week. If I’m not tired it’s my knee if it’s not my knee it’s exhaustion or some varied combination of the two. I have been following some threads on a few Facebook groups that I am in and while I feel like my current situation is specific to me, it would seem others are struggling with the midway point training. It isn’t that unusual that I begin to tire of the training and my body feels like it wants to rebel. Though unlike past years it isn’t quite so focused on  one particular body part and usually is a bit closer to race day.

The joys of being a distance runner….every day is an adventure.

Happy Running!

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