Non-naked knee

No naked knee this morning-but there was running. I was scheduled for five miles but did three. Just to get myself back in the swing of things. The brace helped quite a bit and the Mumford & Sons kept me moving along.

It was my fastest three mile run but I still managed to do a 5k in under 36 minutes. And I managed negative splits. I took the first half pretty slow and gentle. Making sure to listen to my body as I went. Mile three was a sub 11 minute. I ran into the neighborhood feeling like an Olympic sprinter without a care in the world.

By this afternoon though my knee was a bit stiffer than I would like, but I was pleased to have gotten up and put my miles in. With my trail race this weekend I am equal parts mindful of my injury while also wanting to make sure that I’m not under trained in terms of endurance.

Training and injury is definitely and interesting balancing act. So far I feel like I have managed it fairly successfully even if mentally I am frustrated with the slow process.

Happy Running!

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