Back to work

Another day of sleep being greater than running. When my alarm went off I just felt incredibly tired. Combined with my knee feeling a bit rough I decided to punk out this morning. The original plan for the day, and the promise I made with myself is that I would sleep in this morning and then work out after work. However the fatigue that plagued me this morning continued. Not to mention there were several key things that needed to be taken care of-including mowing the lawn and doing laundry.

It is becoming increasingly frustrating that my exhaustion and knee have been messing with my training schedule. I’m trying to maintain my positive outlook and ensure that I don’t start beating myself up because I have been getting my miles in.

I remind myself that I am better trained this year than any previous year. Which on one hand is encouraging but on the other hand makes me hungry for improvement and to continue the tread. I know that my body is more prone to injury issues and that I take longer to heal. I also know that exhaustion is just part of who I am. Nonetheless, I still becoming frustrated by a body that gives out before my brain does….something that is typically the inverse for runners.

I think my best bet is to keep on keeping on. Make sure to nurse my knee and train in a way that keeps me improving on the process and helps my recovery.

Happy Running!



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