Nine and a half hour travel day

Today was the travel day that wouldn’t end. We left at 4 am, making it yet another short night. We had anticipated some degree of morning commuter traffic but did not expect to spend nine and a half hours in the car WITHOUT any side trips or adventures.

The culprit wasn’t Connecticut as expected, but instead it was New York that caused the biggest kerfuffle with traffic. It took us over an hour to travel the short distance from the Bronx to the GW bridge. It was so congested and backed up that we actually had to pull off into the city at a gas station to use the restroom. And “restroom” would be a generous turn of phrase-what we used was a porta-potty that was next to the wrack of used tires. According to the chart on the inside the last time it had been cleaned was 9/1/17…..ten days ago. Thank goodness for Dunkin’ Donuts napkins in the glove box. I have to admit that I have been to pre-marathon morning porta-potties that were cleaner.

I had once again planned to run when we got home, prior to my Stewardship Committee meeting at church but the inordinately long drive meant there wasn’t enough time for that. I did however worIMG_3504k to stretch my ankles and legs while riding-doing my best to stay limber and not get too stiff despite sitting in hours of traffic.

One thing that was nice about the day, despite the delays and traffic, were the number of American flags proudly displayed on buildings and on bridges throughout New York and the surrounding areas. The patriotism was nice to see, especially given our fractured societal complex right now.

Realizing the meaning of the day and those that gave so much, being concerned about mileage seems unimportant on this important day. I am grateful that I live in a country where one of my biggest frustrations is not getting in my daily miles. For that I am incredibly grateful.

Happy Running!


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