Travel Day and Fan Girling

Three a.m. came incredibly early. Not that three a.m. isn’t  incredibly early to begin with. After a late bedtime the alarm went off just a few short hours after our heads hit the pillow.

Unlike previous trips, we took a little side trip to Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock. We are both huge fans of Casey Neistat and saw his frequent visits to Captain Scott’s and decided to be adventurous. Plus, who doesn’t like a good lobster roll? It was a really fun side trip. They weren’t kidding when they said Captain Scott’s was a best kept secret. Not only was the food amazing but it was hidden behind some old buildings, that if it weren’t for our repeated viewing’s of Casey’s vlog we would have missed it. I also tried clam chowder for the first time. It was enjoyable. Jesi said it wasn’t as creamy as she is use to but that she would still give it high marks.

After our lunch we decided to walk around New London and visit the coffee shop owned by Casey’s dad, The Muddy Water Cafe. Again we weren’t disappointed. The shop was cute and the coffee and cookies were delicious and reasonably priced.IMG_3436

More than anything we fell in love with the town of New London. It was incredibly charming with ample parking, even on a weekend that was holding a chowder tasting event at various establishments. It was mentioned by both of us through out our side adventure that we were definitely fan-girling it, we were sure that most of the townies knew that we were fans coming to explore. However, despite our original intention of going just because Casey recommended we look forward to going back and visiting again.

As for my running I had initially planned to run a bit when we arrived at Jesi’s folks house. I had planned to break up my 12 mile run over Saturday and Sunday. However after the ride in the car, helping Jesi and her Mom sort through boxes in the cellar followed by the all important pedicure I found that I had no energy or desire to go running. More than the lack of desire, my knee just wasn’t feeling fantastic. After sitting for so long it was just kind of stiff in a way that I couldn’t get it to loosen up.

While I won’t make up the miles tomorrow and do the full 12, I will probably do closer to eight than five.

Happy Running!


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