Late Thursday night = no Friday run

After my second run last night I had choir practice. After catching up with friends after practice and by the time we had dinner-it was nearly 10:30 pm so when the alarm went off at 4:30 my body protested.
My inability to get up and get moving was not only from lack of sleep but my body just felt tired. Since we are traveling to New England, my plan is/was to split my 12 mile Saturday run up over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But somehow my body just wouldn’t get up this morning.
My knee pain is still there-it’s maybe about a 4. I was starting to get a little worried since this is really lingering, but after some research on Dr. Google-it looks like it’s a patella issue. The two factors that lead me to think that is the way it cracks when I put my hand on my knee cap and that it hurts when I go down the stairs but not up.
It’s not certain it’s my patella but when I used my patella strap while doing laundry I felt a marked difference in the pain. For now, I’ll listen to Dr. Google and be mindful of my knee.
I was bummed to miss running today, something I am noticing happens more frequently when I miss runs. It use to be a relief but now I can that mentally and physically my day just isn’t complete if I don’t lace up my sneakers.
Who would have thunk that barely after a year after vowing I wouldn’t run a marathon again, that I am not only enjoying training but missing it.
The life of a runner is never dull.
Happy Running!

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