Today was a two-a-day kind of work out. My goal is to get a mid week longer mile run complete. Ideally I would like to get it done in one shot, but realistically I know that anything more than five miles during a work day is going to be challenging.

Knowing that I run in the evenings on Thursday I decided to get up and run four miles this morning and then run four miles tonight to achieve the elusive mid-week long run.

There are definitely some differences between the pre work run and and the evening run. Logically I knew that before today, but completing each type of run in the same day illustrated those differences.

The morning run was cool, almost cold. It took me the first half mile before I was able to get rid of the chill. It’s dark, not necessarily an obvious difference especially given in a few weeks I will be running during sun rise in the morning and my Thursday evening runs will soon be done in the dusk. There is less traffic but what traffic there is seems to be a bit more reckless than the hoards of cars we typically pass on Thursday evening.

Morning and evening also provides a different perspective on the same views. In the morning I often over look obvious things but am drawn to how the lighting of the various store fronts plays out on the sidewalk. Also the front window displays of the shop are quite different when the flouresent lights are mix with the daylight-they seem duller and less vibrant. In the morning the shops seem so ALIVE, it’s honestly almost like photos of Times Square that I have seen. at night. Just very bright and happening.

The morning runners are also different, most don’t return waves which in their defense could be because they can’t see….since they aren’t wearing headlamps. Also, I think the early morning runners are the elite runners. The more focused runners that know the importance of getting their miles in before the normalcy of the day wipes away the hours and provides a myriad of reasons not to run.

Personally I find it interesting that in the morning I don’t want company. I don’t want to chat, I just want to run and come home. Conversely when I’m running in the evening I like having companionship. It’s nice (usually) to have people to run and chat with. I think that is a construct of the level of fatigue that I typically have by the time I run in the evening. In the morning I’m not yet awake and really just want to focus on the task at hand.

This morning I did four miles in 47 minutes. I was hoping to hit 48 on the dot, but am glad that I managed a little under that mark. I found that walking to 16th Street, rather than the end of my block works well to get my gravelly knee warmed up. This morning my knee wasn’t so much gravelly as it was tight. I’m grateful that the gravelly feeling has subsided since that too has reduced my pain level.

This evening I did another four, it wasn’t as fast a pace. Mostly because by the time I left the office my knee was a little cranky and I was just tired. It was an interesting dynamic with just Becky, Marilyn and me. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out where to go once we got to an intersection, we are so use to Regina leading us around. We are sheep on Thursdays. 

As a whole I’m pleased with the day. Average the two runs together I held a solid 12 minute pace. Not as fast as I would like to be but I need to be realistic given my knee. The speed is there and I know it will come when it’s time. The key is to be patient, not always my strong suit. 

How did your mid-week mileage go?

Happy Running!

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