Four miles before work

I put in four miles this morning before work. It was the longest pre-work solo run I have done thus far during training. The moon was beautiful, it’s not quite full but it was still bright enough with a slight cloud border to make the run serene and light.

My knee is still super gravelly, though with the aid of the knee brace it is a bit easier to run. It does take some getting use to with the brace not to mention getting use to the amount of sweat that seems to pour out of my knee pit from the heat of the neoprene.

Overall I was pleased with the morning. Completing the run in 48 minutes, it would have been a bit faster but I walked the quarter mile to the main road rather than to the end of my street. I wanted to give my knee some time to warm up and also to make sure that the brace was at a proper velcroed tightness (or looseness). Mile one was a little over fourteen minutes, but each successive mile was faster. I am excited that I am getting better at being able to pace myself so I have plenty left in the tank at the end.

I did notice while I was stretching and looking at my Strava app that there are quite a few other runners in my neighborhood using Strava. It wouldn’t let me see the profiles of those runners, which is disappointing. It would be nice to meet other early bird neighborhood runners, but they are probably much like me in regards to preferring solitude that early in the morning. Why else would one run that early in the morning.

I will admit that I was surprised by the number of other runners I passed this morning that didn’t have any sort of headlamp or reflective gear. While the moon was certainly bright and beautiful it wasn’t that bright to be able to aid a runner in being seen by traffic. Also, the dark morning causes my brain to question every shadow that I see thinking it’s a masher-having a runner come unexpectedly out of the shadows does result in a raised heart rate until I recognize the brightly hued and mismatched ensemble as that of a runner and not a masher.

It was a really awesome morning view. The view helped take my mind off my knee and my nervousness about venturing a bit further down Market Street towards the Creek. Sadly, the Creek has become a bit of a hang out spot for the homeless population. While I have never had any issues with homeless population, I will admit that my mind has some stereotypical concerns. Not to mention there have been rumblings of issues on various local running boards that I follow. However I made it there and back in good time and stretched before showering.

My quick timed allowed me the opportunity to curl up under the covers for about 20 minutes before we had to get ready to adult at the office. It was a good start to the training week and I hope is a sign for what will come this week.

Happy Running!

2 thoughts on “Four miles before work

  1. The strava app lets you see other people using it? I’ve been thinking of ways to work on running smarter as I transition to morning runs and this will help me feel safer. That’s assuming other people near me are using it though lol. Great job on your run!

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    1. I was surprised when I found that feature! It has pin drops of the people around you and the routes they took. I struggle with feeling safe in the morning but I stick with a route that I know well in the daylight and am familiar with. It’s a bit boring but I know traffic patterns and the lighting, so that helps! Good luck on transition to the morning. I love it!!

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