Naked knee running

Epsom salt baths are the bees knees. I took one last night as a last resort for my gravelly knee-low and behold this morning I had minimal pain. As a result I decided to take my knee out for a spin, naked. Well my knee was naked, I was wearing clothes.

It was a pretty decent run, not the fastest by any stretch of the imagination but I got negative splits and came in a little under a 12 minute mile pace.

I didn’t want to push too hard just yet, I was focused more on getting the miles in than speedwork. We had some rain last night so the ground was still a bit wet with the occasional puddle-being the fantastically ungraceful person that I am I didn’t want to risk falling.

Traffic was a bit heavier this morning, I’m not sure if it has to do with school resuming or some other random fact. I did see three City police officers crusing around this morning. I giggled when one slowed down as I ran by, I wasn’t sure if they were looking for criminal activity but I giggled thinking what criminal would be running at 5:15 am with a headlamp announcing their location for all the world to see?

There was not time for a post run cat nap this morning since Jesi had to be at work super early but there was Dunkin Donuts coffee, so that’s always a good day.

My knee help up pretty well through out the day. With the torrential rains, I didn’t walk at lunch but I think that helped. I would say as I type this that my knee is about 1.5 on the scale.

I am enjoying running in the morning. As hard as it is to get up, I find my day a little more centered. It’s a little less stressful when Jesi gets hung up at the office I’m not fretting about having to run later, now in the dusk and eat dinner…and….and…..

I’m still a little short on miles this week but tomorrow will be a two a day-4 in the morning and 4 in the evening. I am determined to get those mid-week longish runs done.

Happy Running!

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