So apparently my running yesterday did result in some minor Monday morning discomfort. Initially I had thought that I would go for a gentle longer run on my day off. I would get up early and head out, instead my knee was a bit more uncomfortable. Not wanting to push the level of discomfort to angry-I decided instead to mow the lawn.

Lawn mowing seems to be my go to activity when I should probably be resting. I’m not sure why that is, but I at least got my minimum number of steps in for the day. On top of that, we spent the day finishing up our Salvation Army donation project. We gathered another three bags of donations from our closets-including nine pairs of running shoes that are past their prime but for some reason I kept.

I wanted to run or at least get out and walk a bit but realized that observing the rest day after pushing my speed yesterday was probably the better option. My past history with overuse injuries still sits in the back of my brain and causes me to proceed with caution.

I will take the sore knee for a productive day around Casa Bellfrey getting things done. Our house now feels clean and organized and that feeling helps exponential in terms of my mental focus and concentration, as weird and off topic as that seems.

My goal is to get up in the morning and resume some modicum of a regular training schedule. We head to Boston this coming weekend, I want to make sure that my training doesn’t lag for a third weekend in a row.

Injuries are always an adventure in planning!

Happy Running!


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