Five in under an hour 

The gravelly knee still persists, but it seems slightly better today. It still makes some wretched sounds when I bend it. And it seems to track a little oddly. That being said, there is no pain when I manipulate it. I’m thinking that I have either arthritis (despite one of the church lady’s assertion that it couldn’t be, years of sports and my chosen hobby of running would prove that impossibility otherwise) or it was the result of my super fast run without stretching to avoid the neighbor may have aggravated something in my knee. Either way, I’m managing to work around it.

Church was nice this morning-Jesi sang a solo backed by the choir. There were a few rough starts with cues but overall the sound was wonderful. It was nice to be back in our robes, even if I thought I was going to sweat to death.

After church Jesi and her folks headed to the local department store to do some shopping. I headed out for a run. I knew and accepted that I was going to be short on miles this week but wanted to get as much as I could in.

I found my old knee brace and strapped that bad Larry on. I had told Jesi that I would probably only do about three miles. I mentioned the route I would take so that she wouldn’t worry. I texted when I left and made my way out. I decided to listen to some Mumford & Sons rather than an audio book. It felt like a run that would need some pep.

I got to the one and half mile mark and felt pretty good so I kept going. At the two mile mark I still felt pretty good. At two and a half miles I was feeling good but a little tired, so I decided that shooting for six might not be the best idea in the word so I headed back.

My first mile was a bit slow but each successive mile was a bit quicker. I had to slow my roll a little bit st mile three when I realized I was hammering the pavement at a sub-11 minute pace. I didn’t want to risk injuring myself further, however I did set my goal of finishing in under an hour. 

It felt really good to be out running. The evening temperature was cool and I felt accomplished that I found the mental fortitude to push through the pain. I listened to my body and made sure that the pushing wasn’t causing more pain. The knee brace was a huge help.

I came home and showered and took some more Advil and then wrapped my leg in the gel ice pack that I borrowed from Mom. By bedtime the pain wasn’t any worse and in fact seemed to be a bit improved-I like to think it was from the running but I know it probably had more to do with the ice.

My only hope is that the temporary reprieve from the pain wouldn’t come back with a vengeance tomorrow.

How do you balance injury with training? Do you find yourself trying to work through it?

Happy Running!

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