No running but a clean house

My knee was about the same today, still gravely and creaky. But at least I ended up getting the house super clean.

I started the morning off with breakfast at iHop with my mom. It was a good morning for discussion and pancakes. We spent a few hours together and it seemed to help air out the issues that we had been having. things aren’t 100% resolved but they are at least a bit better.

Jesi ended up going into the office for a bit today to get the Center set up for the new school year. While she was assembling and laminating oversized paper Lego people, I vacuumed and dusted the house in preparation for the arrival of my in-laws. It felt nice to get the house super clean. I used the crevice tool while vacuuming and the wire brush in the corners of the shower. The house hasn’t been this Martha Stewart clean in a few months.

I tried not to think about my knee too much but it was in the back of my brain. I’m trying not to worry and fret. Mom loaned me her gel freezer back that she got when she tore her meniscus. It’s perfect for the knee and takes little time to refreeze after use. Between that and Advil, I’ll be on the mend in no time at all.

In the meantime, I’m just going to ice and relax until the in-laws arrive.

Happy Running!

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