Rest day with knee pain

UGH! I finally got my back squared away and I woke up this morning with a sore left knee. It started out not horrible, just a little sore. Advil and water were the diet of the day.

I walked at lunch and it didn’t seem too awful. In fact I seem to get some relief from the walk, as if it stetted whatever was stiff in my knee. However by the time I left the office the pain was a bit more, it felt like I had gravel or grinding gears in my knee.

After much thought, a warm shower, more Advil and more thought I decided that I will forego my miles tomorrow. I will break them up over Sunday and Monday so that I’m not beating my knee to oblivion.

Not exactly what I wanted at this point in the game but I need to be careful and intelligent about my body. I have done a marathon before, so my body knows what to do. In order for it to do what needs to be done I need to make sure that it’s as healthy as possible to get there.

Rest day with a side of knee pain wasn’t exactly how I wanted to start a long weekend but it’ll have to do.

Happy Running!

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