Mixing it up

I revisited the Thursday run tonight. I wasn’t 100% sure how it would go or really how I would react if things get acrimonious. However I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Marilyn would be there. This would be Marilyn’s first Thursday run with the group. Also, our occasional running partner Annalette would also be in attendance.

As always the beginning was a bit scattered as we tried to decide which way to go. We eventually decided on going the route that I essentially run in the morning combined with my evening route. We started out together in a pact but my legs felt good and I just allowed them to carry me along. Eventually I was out in front. It wasn’t intentionally but my body just felt right and free.

It was an interesting dynamic, now we truly had a varying degree of running interest. Marilyn fell between Regina and I and Annalette was between myself and Becky. There wasn’t as much discussion as usual since we really were all kind of running at our own pace, doing our own thing. It was a welcome relief after the previous Thursday and some of my turmoil from Sunday.

It was interesting at the end when we only had 3.75, but I needed 4 total for the day. I kept going, Becky on the other hand felt that our mileage was sufficient. As I kept running I thought I heard her make a comment that my single mindedness reminded her of Regina. I certainly didn’t take it as an insult and in fact welcomed the compliment.

I managed to throw down four miles at a 12:20 pace. Not bad considering the various degrees of interest and talent. Near the end I had slowed up a little to make sure that we all got a chance to run together. I also didn’t want to come off as rude or snobbish in my “single mindedness”.

It was a good way to end the week of light miles. And a good run to kick off the start of choir season. I always find that I have a good choir rehearsal when my Thursday run has gone well.

Not too much longer to go really-a thought that excites me and terrifies me all at once. But I’ll just keep throwing down the miles and progressing forward.

Happy Running!

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