The fastest ever, if only in my head

These mid-week longer distances runs are becoming a bit of a challenge. I can’t get them done before work, unless I choose to get up at 3:00 am. And getting them done after work presents the issues of being tired and being out longer than expected. The Wednesday run is always the challenge of balancing life and training, more so than the long Saturday runs.

Initially I was just going to do three miles. After getting things settled once I got home form work, including Jesi who is sick it was after 6:00 pm before I finally left the house. I knew that the eight miles on my training plan was going to happen but I thought I’ll do something. Jesi had said just run until you don’t want to anymore, I made a joke about running in place and saying I was done before heading down to put my shoes on.

When I went to leave one of my more loquacious neighbors was walking her dogs, I did a few stretches in the living room rather than the front porch. Got myself set with music, Run Gum and sunglasses. I pulled the door shut and started running almost immediately in order to avoid getting stopped.

Remarkably I didn’t stop running, there were a few times when I walked for 10 seconds or stopped at the intersection but a vast majority of the time I just ran. I got to the mile and a half mark and was still feeling pretty good so I kept going. I was feeling pretty good maintaining a 10 minute mile pace, I decided to challenge myself and do three miles in under thirty, which I did. I ended up doing four miles in 40 minutes.

Listening to music was definitely a helpful factor. I had started a podcast but found that it was too sedate. I was already struggling with motivation and get up and go. Once I turned on Mumford & Sons I found that I had a little more pep in my step.

I definitely pushed it hard, but I wanted to make sure that I made the best of the work out I set to do. I was bummed to not get the eight but I also know that on some level I do have to allow myself to balance work and training and the mid-week run seems to be where the scales tip a little bit in favor of life.

I was excited to sustain a 10 minute mile pace. I was excited to see the start of a beautiful sunset. I was excited to enjoy the breeze on my face. I was excited to just run and pretend for a few minutes that I was the fastest person on the course setting all kinds of records, if only in my head.

Happy Running!


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