Race Day-Annapolis 10 Miler

The day dawned early-3:45 am. It was still incredibly dark outside. Prior to following asleep last night Jesi decided that she wanted to come to the race. In our 7 years together, with the exception of two races (that occurred while she was still living in MA) she has not missed a race. She, like me, felt that this race was extra special. So together we departed for the race. IMG_3231

We created a caravan down with Regina, John and their friend Soradya and arrived in enough time to use the porta-potties before lining up at the front of the race. Unbeknownst to Regina and I, John’s nephew-in-law had secured a bib-increasing our team from two (yesterday) to three (this morning) to four (right before the start of the race). We were feeling good about our chances now. Comfortable in our plan to dominate, or at least finish the course.

21077645_10154624772031809_7772732801287523503_nOff we went…..way too fast. We managed to finish the first three miles in 27 minutes. We started out so fast that we lost Soradya before the first mile. I realized by mile two that I was struggling  but kept pushing, during mile three when it was finally my turn to main the reigns of the chariot I tried to slow us up a little bit. Regina and John both gently reminded the much faster Michael (nephew in law)that we always needed to remain a team of three. 21077741_10154624772236809_3171684773816917324_n

The race wasn’t as hilly as the elevation map made it appear, but it was certainly a hilly course. I struggled some but stayed as close to them as possible. I took my turn when it was my mile, but often found that my slower pace didn’t quite suit Michael.

I got separated around mile nine. I literally had very little left in the tank and I was feeling sadness that I wouldn’t be able to cross with Regina, John and Michael. Even though I struggled and was the weakest link on the team, I had until that point managed to stay with them for the entire race. I slowly watched as the three of them pulled ahead.

I dug deep for the last half mile. I found the energy and strength I needed to push back to that fast pace from earlier. I managed to come up to the finish line shoot and saw that they had stopped. It gave me enough time to finally catch up-sprinting up to Regina.

21077232_1128086590624885_106329379778594973_nJohn was going to walk across the finish line. I was even more relieved that I had pushed through that last half mile and found something that I didn’t think I had. I was so grateful that I would be able to witness John crossing the finish line, walking.

We finished! In 2:03.27. This race was a personal record on a lot of levels. Our average pace was 12:02. There were only two miles where pace went above 13 minutes. My personal records for this race included:

  • 1/2 mile
  • 1k
  • 1 mile
  • 2 miles
  • 5k
  • 10k
  • 15k
  • 10 mile

There are so many mixed emotions from the race, from feelings about my performance to my feelings related to being pushed beyond what I am able to do. It was definitely a race that will require much thought and introspection. The most important thing that I need to focus on is that John walked across the finish line. That as a team we finished together. And we got are race premiums. The rest of the issues are just superfluous and in the end truly don’t matter, but I’ll still maul them around in my brain for awhile, while wearing my premium that I got for finishing.

Please enjoy a photo collage below with some of the images from today’s adventures.

Happy Running!


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