Another spontaneous race

I made another slightly spontaneous decision to run a race this weekend. Yesterday while running Regina had mentioned that a few of the people that would be running in the Annapolis 10 Miler pushing John had bailed. She didn’t specify who or what reason, other than to say that she would be pushing John by herself.

Regina has been struggling with another round of Lyme’s Disease. While she is as fit and active as she can be, she is running more tired than usual. I thought about it and mentioned it to Jesi. I said I felt bad because we have a meeting at church on Sunday at the same time as the race. But in my true introverted, over analyzing self-I mentioned it several times until Jesi told to just sign up.

Shortly before the Thursday night cut off, I signed up online for the race. I texted Regina that I would be there. I wanted to be there not only because I realized I needed to practice pushing John’s chariot but also because Regina has done so much for me over the last seven years, that I wanted to help her.

The course is hilly, not any hillier than the day I ran with Regina and Marilyn, but hilly none the less. I have never done this race so I’m not familiar with the course, something that makes me incredibly nervous.

Also with my recent back injury I was nervous to do my 15 miles tomorrow followed by ten on Sunday.  The part of me that wanted to hit my total training miles for the week was okay with the idea. However Jesi, the ever wise woman that she is, said perhaps it was best to run five tomorrow and the race on Sunday. She gently reminded me that I haven’t been able to run much this week and that pulling another weekend of two long runs in a row might not be in the best interest of my training.

I will happily switch things up a bit knowing that in the long run it will have a positive benefit to my training. But more than that the benefit as a human being will be incredibly positive.

Happy Running!



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