No running just some walking

My back is feeling better today. There is only a slight twinge, but thankfully I could put on shoes without issue or swearing. 

I was going to run this morning when my alarm went off but I decided against it because ironically my back felt better. Since it felt better I didn’t want to rush out and put in three miles only to strain it again. I decided to give myself a full day of pain freeness before embarking on a training run. 

Tonight Jesi and I walked together. We did a solid two and a half miles. The temps were almost fall like so we didn’t feel as if our faces would melt off from the evening sun. 

It was a nice combination of exercise and togetherness. We were able to catch up on our day but most exciting was Jesi’s explanation of the tuition system resulted in her being so distracted we doubled our initial goal distance. 

I am bummed to miss two days of training in a row after last week’s awesome training. I had the stop and go feeling that comes from an injury, it messes with the flow. However, it’s better to go aggressive on healing rather than aggressive towards training and lax about recovery. 

Tomorrow I will get up and do a few gentle miles in the morning. That way I can get a feel of how my body will do before heading out for my run with Regina and Becky tomorrow night. 

As a follow up, Jesi figured out before we got home that I had mowed the grass. Apparently the the fact that I had showered and my hair in my top knot gave it away. I did find that my back felt better after I mowed, I don’t know if the movement allowed my muscles to get warm and get more blood flowing to the area. Regardless of the reason my back felt better and the yard looks perfect. 

Tomorrow will be a new day with training miles covered. 

Happy Running! 

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