No miles today

Tuesday, typically a day of three miles. But today it was a day of no miles, not even walking at lunch time miles. The pain in my back is better! I’m relieved about that but it’s not better enough. And by better enough I mean I still grunt/groan/quietly swear when I have to put on shoes or bend down. I figured that based on that, running might not be in my best interest.

Today is exactly two months until race day. This isn’t really the time to get injured but it’s also not the time to be stupid about the injuries I do have. There is still time to nurse my injury AND have plenty of time to train.

I worked on my Excel sheet that tracks my training schedule. It has charts and graphs and percentages. It’s rather spectacular if I do say so myself. Today I added a formula that takes the miles completed each month and then calculated that as a percentage of scheduled miles. Truth be told, I am missing approximately 14% of my miles when comparing completed to actual. Not fabulous by any stretch, and I certainly won’t make Boston on that training schedule. HOWEVER, I am not so grossly undertrained that taking a day off to recover from a back injury is going to be ruinous to my success.

I haven’t made a decision about tomorrow morning, the morning of seven miles. My clothes are in the laundry and will be dry by in the morning. Tonights level of pain is bearable (even after mowing the lawn) My hope is by putting that statement in parenthesis my wife, who has a staff meeting at work, won’t notice that I mowed the lawn. Because of course she is blind and won’t see the perfectly manicured lawns (I also mow the two adjourning neighbors lawns as well). I could tell her the garden fairy did it but since she follows and reads my blog she will probably realize what I have done.

I’m feeling like I won’t be able to do seven tomorrow, but I might be able to pull off three comfortable miles. I will decide in the morning, when all great decisions are made.

I’m bummed that I had to miss another day of training, but I know that intellectually it is the best decision I can make for the longevity and success of this years marathon.

Happy Running!

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