Monday morning back pain

It would seem that the tumble I took yesterday might have done a bit more damage than initial thought indicated. I have been struggling with some lower back pain the last week.

The onset is the result of last Tuesday morning, I felt a twinge when I pushed my mile time a little bit in an effort to get more bang for my buck so to speak. Jesi has been kind enough to rub it most nights this week. The message has been of great help. Saturday is was like a 3-Jesi spent some extra time making sure the area was relaxed and pain free for Sunday.

I woke up Sunday and the pain wasn’t even there, except when I did some slight twisting motions and even then it was such a small amount of pain it wasn’t really even noticeable. But last night before bad it was a bit more bothersome than it has been over the last week. I assumed the massive uptick in miles over two days combined with hitting the ground during the fall had just aggravated it. I assumed that after Jesi’s evening massage and a good night sleep it would be fine in the morning.

However, when I woke this morning I found it difficult to move or turn. The pain on the right was about 6. I was fine as long as I maintained my body in the same position, preferably flat on my back with my knees slightly bent. I fought with my decision but I ended up staying home from work.

I knew that I couldn’t face sitting in an office chair for 8 hours, possibly more if the meeting scheduled for this afternoon ran long. I eventually texted my boss to let him know that I wouldn’t be in. I have been taking Advil religiously every four hours and my back is slathered with Ben-Gay.

The pain is centralized mostly in my lower back but also up in my rib cage. My sense is I landed on something or twisted my torso in my attempt to not break my arms. I’m not thrilled about the turn of events, but I’m hoping with a rest day today that I’ll be back on my feet tomorrow. My morning run (supposing that I will get up and do that) will probably be an incredibly gentle affair.

So for now I’m camped out in bed, working on my blog and enjoying my favorite documentary.


Happy Running/Rest Day!

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