Making up the miles

I did something I have never done before, I made up my week day missed miles the day before doing my weekly long run. Between the falling asleep while stretching incident and flat out missing miles, I needed to make up 6.8 miles to get my weekly mileage back up to what my training schedule called for. I have never done that before. Typically in years passed if I missed my miles-I missed my miles. I didn’t worry about making them up, instead I would spend my time bemoaning what I had missed. I would grumble about how I failed as a runner because I listened to my body or that I had somehow taken the easy way out and didn’t do what needed to be done.

I didn’t bitch this week, well I did a little bit, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t spend some time over analyzing my self identified downfalls. After the few moments of complaining and analyzing, I made a plan of action. I decided that I would run my make up miles today at a gentle slow pace and then complete my 10 mile long run with Regina tomorrow.

The training miles went well except for the fact that I couldn’t keep a slow pace. My goal was to stay between a 12:00 and 13:00 minute mile pace. I wanted it to be ridiculously gentle, since I know that tomorrow is going to be an effort. I’m not sure whether to be excited or annoyed that I literally could do no slower than 12:30 per mile and had to yell at myself because I threw down an 11:18 mile at mile two.

I can’t remember a point in time when I had to fight with myself to slow down on a long run, more often than not I’m telling myself to speed up. To push myself a bit more. I think this was the first long-ish run where I realized that my consistent training is really paying off. I felt comfortable running non-stop, I walked at a few points in an effort to get my  body to slow down my unplanned fast pace. My body seems to naturally just gravitate towards the faster (well faster for me) paces and feels comfortable staying in that time frame for longer periods of time. Those paces are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

I’m continuing to listen to Amy Poehler’s Yes Please and enjoy the content. There is the right amount of humor and seriousness along with a motivational component that comes with most memoirs, that I am finding surprisingly that I am becoming a fan of Amy.

I think the discovery of audio books has been a huge factor in my consistent pace. I utilized podcasts last year, however I realize the moderator on the podcast had an edge to his voice. His podcasts which he intentioned to be motivating really were more aggressive in nature. As a result of the aggressive vibe, I ended up pushing myself too hard too quickly and burned myself out. Andy Frisella’s podcasts are like the rock/rap of the music world-great and motivating for sprints and speed-work but HORRIBLE for the pace of longer runs.

I ended up doing 6.9 miles at a 12:21 pace (mile 1 and the last .9 mile were super slow because of the amount of warm up and cool down walking I did). According to Strava I PR’ed on two sections of the route: the hill along Mount Olivet Cemetery and a portion of Market Street. The Market Street PR doesn’t surprise me since I was pushing it on my way home. By the time I was heading home the sidewalk was filling up with people, dogs and strollers. I found myself sprinting through sections to get around people-running between parking meters and trees, hopping off curbs and running through various stationary objects all to avoid people.

I was pleased with the days results. I was especially pleased that I made up the missed miles. Mentally it has payed huge dividends for me. Physically it will yield positive benefits for my endurance abilities.

Have you ever made up your miles the night before a long run? Did you think it was a fantastic idea on the worst thing you could have imagined?

Happy Running!


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