Sometimes you need to sleep

I got up! I was going to run. I truly was. But I ended up deciding that running three this morning and four tomorrow and then 10+ on Sunday might not be the best use of training time. I hemmed and hawed. Fighting with myself for almost ten minutes while standing at the end of the bed.

I checked the weather. I sought every reason I could think of not to run this morning. I tried to come up with a reason that was more than the fact that I was merely tired. Not just kind of tired, I felt exhausted. I had genuine concerns about my level of fatigue and striking out to run, so I made the decision to crawl back into bed.

A decision I realized when I woke up an hour later after a hard, sound sleep was the best decision that I could have made. I woke up feeling rested and refreshed. Something I hadn’t felt when I initially woke up at 4:30, granted who in the world feels refreshed at 4:30 am?

As frustrated as I am that I have missed my training the last couple mornings, I do recognize that sometimes you just need sleep. And I am one that needs a little more sleep and rest than the average runner. My years of battling various auto immune disorders has left my body a bit more prone to exhaustion than most. My need for sleep and rest sometimes appears out of proportion to the cause.

I realized this morning that I am now at the half way point in training. Typically by this time I am feeling utterly tired and run down. Though in comparison to past years I am less tired, for that I am grateful. I believe it is a factor in why I am enjoying this year so much compared to previous years.

Before I fell back to sleep I made a plan-I am going to run the seven miles that I missed Saturday and complete my Saturday long run of 10 miles on Sunday with Regina. I am excited that we are going to tackle the course for the trail run I signed up for plus do some additional miles.

While I am frustrated to miss miles, I have missed fewer miles this year than last. I have found that unlike in previous years where I would just beat myself up for missing the miles, I make a conscious plan to either make up or adjust for miles missed.

In addition to my plan for this weekend, I also make plans for the remaining half of training. This weekend I am going to sit down with a calendar and spend some time focusing on how exactly I am going to spend the last half of training. I am going to focus on dialing in my nutrition (I have put on the typical marathon training weight). Also, I want to work on making a better more precise plan for training so that I will be dialed in these last few weeks. To some it may not seem like a lot of fun to be so regimented, but a mantra I have tried to focus on during training is that by getting to hardwork and unfun stuff out of the way, race day will be much more enjoyable.

How is your training going?

Happy Running!


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