Not quite the day I had planned

Today wasn’t quite the training day that I had planned. Mostly because I didn’t get up to train. Jesi surprised me last night with tickets to the local theater production of You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, so we were out later than usual.  I hadn’t slept particularly well so when the alarm went off, I literally hit the off button instead of snooze. Thankfully I have several alarms set for the work week so I didn’t miss out on getting up for work.

I had planned to do three miles this morning, to make up for my missed miles yesterday. My usual Thursday evening run had been cancelled so I was going to run solo after work. As much as I didn’t want to split my mid-week miles in half I didn’t want to miss my miles.

But as they say the best laid plans of mice and men. Whatever the hell that means.

I had planned to run after work, maybe not the full seven but I would run something. Instead, Jesi and I ended up taking  a walk together. Our fitness journeys have been interesting. Typically during the off season, our journeys are intertwined. We go to the gym together, we do Zumba together, we walk together.

Since our car accident in February (we were rear ended at a stop light) combined with some personnel issues at her job, Jesi hasn’t been able to maintain a fitness and gym routine. After some discussion last night after the play, we decided to restart our joint fitness journeys. It is definitely more fun to do things together. Jesi will embark on some things solo, but together we’ll resume Zumba and maybe try a spin class.

I enjoyed the walk with Jesi, especially given that so much of my training is solo. It was nice to chat while I put in some steps. If I were to combine my lunch walk and my evening walk mileage, I racked up almost all my scheduled miles for the day. Even though the day didn’t go quite as planned it wasn’t as if I was sedentary.

I think one of the conscious decisions I have made this training season is to avoid the use of the time on my feet philosophy of years past. While I find it to be a viable training solution/strategy I think that it has been part of the issue in training. I found it easier to not push as hard because “I had x number of minutes on feet” rather than making a solid effort to work on speed and endurance and push through the hard things.

The last couple of days haven’t quite been my best in terms of training, I think that I will look towards the weekend and my long run and use that as a restart for my mental brain. I will use that time and mileage to refocus my priorities and think about my next goals over the last remaining weeks of training.

Happy Running!




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