Falling asleep while stretching

7 miles! I was set to do seven miles. I had my alarm set. My clothes laid out. I had my route planned. When the alarm went off, I hit snooze once and then realized I needed to get moving if I wanted to get my seven miles completed. I realized that my left Achilles was a little sore, nothing terrible just a little tender.

I decided to stretch it a little bit. I had seen some foot exercises on a Run Experience video and decided to do those in hopes of loosing in my tight tendon. At some point during the process I fell asleep. It’s what I get for trying to stretch in bed, in the dark while in my pajamas.

I headed out at 4:45 am and managed to get a respectable 3.1 miles. It was a cool morning, which I was grateful for however it was incredibly foggy. Or as I like to call it, IMG_3071_resized“Bacony” (see the icon at left that the Weather Channel app uses) It was kind of eerie, I was a little more mindful of my surroundings. I didn’t want to have another encounter with a skunk or a person that might be minding their own business-though I usually am leery of non runners out and about that early in the morning.

I wore my head lamp, and stayed close to the curb. Though despite my headlamp I still had to jump on the curb to avoid traffic that was not willing to give me space, despite no traffic coming the other direction. I wondered what in the world they thought the short, bobbing light was-an alien, a street lamp on Adderall, a bicycle on hydraulics. Whatever they thought it was, there were a few drivers that didn’t even make an effort to give me a little leeway. Not much but just enough that didn’t leave me running in the grass.

It wasn’t my fastest run, but I got something done. I plan on adding the extra miles on Thursday and Saturday. I’m not a fan of doing that, especially as I get to the half way point but I need to get the miles in.

I guess more than anything I need to not stretch while still comfortably placed in bed. Istravaimage need to work on perhaps considering splitting my mid-week long run into two runs, with my morning run being maybe the longer of the two sections. I need to perhaps not run when it’s Bacony out, especially first thing in the morning. I guess this is another lesson in flexibility.

Happy Running!


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