Drizzly morning and a new audio book

It was kind of drizzly this morning, it was that kind of rain that you wish would either start fully or stop. It was just enough to be annoying and to make it humid. I started out way too fast. I wanted to try and cut down my mile one time (typically my slowest) just a little bit. Now that I have negative splits, I would like to make the first half a little faster while still maintaining a negative split. In other words, I just generally want to go faster.

Unfortunately in this ill thought out “I want to go faster” goal, I ended up being gassed by the half way point. I did end up walking about three times, no more than 30 seconds each time but my streak of not walking has ended.

On the upside, I still managed to obtain negative splits. But even that has become redundant. I have the hang of it now, now I want to achieve the next goal of just being overall a little faster. I have a goal time that I would like to achieve, I need to chip away at it slowly but aggressively.

I did start a new audio book today, having finished the Ellen DeGeneres book over the weekend during my long run. I have started Yes Please by Amy Poehler I will admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of Amy, I found her to be a bit crude. But after discovering that I can borrow audio books from the library via my phone I figured hey, if I don’t like it I can always delete it and get something different. Her cadence is similar to Lauren Grahams, it’s bright and cheerful and keeps me moving. Unlike Ellen’s book, which I often found myself thinking too hard to follow, Amy’s book is a great memoir with the right mix of humor and personal candor. It definitely helped move me along on my run this morning.

I am definitely grateful for audio books, I think they have played a large role in my more consistent pacing and focus.

Happy Running!

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