Rest day and a party

I had thought about making up the miles I missed. I thought of getting up moderately early and heading out to do some make up miles. I didn’t have too many to make up this week, just four, so I figured it would be an easy run around the neighborhood with minimal time spent. But it turned out that the party prep work started pretty early. As the sun came up we realized that there was more to be done than we realized. Thankfully the expected rain held off so it made set up a bit easier. Not only did the set up take precedence but added to that is the fact that we stayed at Megan and Chris’s apartment last night; so I would have had to discover yet another new route to train on.

It ended up being a fun, albeit chaotic day that ended in a fun party. There was laughter and food and balloons. Because we have to get up at 4 am on Sunday for our return trip, we didn’t stay incredibly late. Our departure occurred before the beer pong and flip cup tournaments.

I realized by mid-day that the stress of traveling nearly a thousand miles in a short span of time combined with running in an unfamiliar training locale made for a stressful weekend. If I have learned anything through the  years its that my training is less successful when I am stressed. I had to realize that I did the best I could with what I had, and not beat myself up for not doing more. The truth of the matter is, I would have been completely absent from the vast majority of the family events had I spent the weekend training.

While training is important, the time with Jesi and her family and taking part in this important event far outweighs the loss of a few miles training. I made sure that I kept my food intake inline with what I would normally eat, I abstained from alcohol consumption and I tried my best to take all the external steps necessary to keep my training up while still enjoying my downtime.

My take away for the weekend is that I can still be training focused but balanced. Something that I hope to hone and continue to grow as the training process moves forward.

Happy Running!


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