Weekend long run during the week

Tomorrow is the family party, since there’s still quite a bit of prep to do I didn’t want to leave my training run until then. Also, I didn’t want to be wiped from training and then not enjoy the evening. Instead, I decided to put my miles in today. A week day.

I was scheduled to do 13.1, a half, but I ended up finishing up with 10.8 miles. The reason was two fold, I misjudged the total number of miles home so arrived sooner than I thought. There were really no safe places to tack extra miles on when I arrived back at the house too early. The second reason was that I felt some slight pain in my legs and just felt tired. I’m frustrated that I didn’t get the full mileage count but I’m pleased that I tried something new and different-running in an unfamiliar place.

I did learn that there is value in planning out your run ahead of time and knowing your course. I spent quite a bit of time running in circles in neighborhoods. Weaving in and out of culs-de-sac to add mileage. I can only imagine what the neighbors thought of this person running loops in their neighborhood. By the end of the long run, I am typically so tired that thinking of where I need to go and trying to calculate distance is a bit challenging. And makes the long run less training focused and more thinking focused.

I did giggle at a few of the views that I took in. Signs are something I am always drawn too, and two really caught my eye. I am curious to know how many people attempt to get onto 495 on a horse. Also, the street sign was perfect timing. I was mid-run and really struggling. The subtle reminder to suck it up wasn’t lost on me, even in my exhaustion.

I also managed to be in two places at once! A very interesting experience, though not nearly as strange as one might expect if one has ever viewed Star Trek or any Harry Potter film. Basically I found a spot where I was standing in two towns at the same time. IMG_3003Sort of a cheesy nod to Nicholas Sparks A Walk To Remember. 

I tried to make the day an adventure. I tried to enjoy the sights that I don’t typically see. I viewed the day as a win, even though I didn’t hit my exact miles. I made the time to get up and run. Making sure that I put in the work and effort that needed to be done. My average per mile pace wasn’t fantastical-13:15 average but I stayed consistent in my pace. Fluctuating no more than a minute from my slowest to fastest mile.

I finished the Ellen audio book. It was my favorite listen. It had it’s moments of humor and insight, but it also had moments where it just rambled unending and nonsensically.IMG_3008 They were comedic monologues that didn’t really flow with the rest of the book. Her guided meditation was really NOT helpful. However, I am enjoying the concept of audio books while running. I am grateful that I discovered the app Hoopla.

Hoopla is a free app that allows you to borrow audio books, e-books and other types of literary media from your local library. You are permitted eight books a month. Which is perfect since I’m usually done an audio book within a couple weeks of long runs. The use of Audible.com was going to be too cost prohibitive given the $15 monthly subscription PLUS the cost of the book itself. Hoopla was definitely a great alternative.

Beautiful flowers I passed a few times. 

It wasn’t until I got in the shower that I realized that my waistband of my underwear had rubbed a raw spot on my back. It’s unusual given that I have had these drawers for a few years and have worn them a few times for long runs. It was pretty warm and I was sweating pretty profusely, I’m thinking that the combination of the sweat and movement yielded a sort spot on my back. I must admit that chafing results in colorful language when its met with warm water.

Overall, I was pleased with the day. I took away quite a few lessons. But mostly I got some miles in without too much interruption to the rest of the family.

What has been your experience when running while on vacation/away from home base? Do you find it fun or stressful?

Happy Running!


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