Travel Day

Today we traveled to Massachusetts for the family celebration of my sister-in-law’s wedding. From our house to MA, it’s roughly an eight hour drive. Sometimes more when the state of Connecticut decides it wants to be jerk-face and cause a bunch of travel issues.

The drive today wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t our best time but it wasn’t our worst time either. initially I had planned to do a few miles when we arrived. However between getting set up for the party and just being exhausted from travel I ended up forgoing running.

Instead I made a conscious effort to do a lot of stretching. While I didn’t feel any specific stiffness, I know that after 8 hours of sitting that my hips would be stiff. While the rest of the family set up the tents, I played soccer with the dog and did some hip stretches and some skipping.

Before leaving for the trip, I had mapped out a route of Map My Run. However when we drove the route so I would have a better sense of where I was going we realized a new plan was in order. The route I picked was on roads that lacked sidewalks or shoulders and had numerous blind curves.  Not really the ideal route. Jesi and I spent about a half hour driving around to some alternative routes, finding some areas that while lacking sidewalks had much rider road ways with better visibility.

On a non-running related note I tried clams (steamers in local talk) for the first time. They were ok-they were well cooked and I had excellent teachers. But they were a bit bothersome to clean and they did have a unique taste to them. BUT I tried something new! I was adventurous.

Tomorrow I strike out on my long run in a unknown area. Figures crossed it will go well!

Have you ever trained in an unfamiliar location? How did you plan your route?

Happy Running!

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