Only hit snooze once this morning

I successfully made it out the door before 5am this morning. I only hit snooze once this morning, despite wanting to hit it a second time. It was a good pre-dawn run, I killed my negative splits this morning. Starting mile one at 12:10 and finished my third mile at a 9:56 pace.

That last mile I was huffing it pretty good, I only stopped briefly at the intersection at East Street to double check traffic before I proceeded through.

I am feeling that getting up in the morning for pre-work runs is getting easier. I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that I conquered such a large task before I even put on my dress clothes.

The one thing I am beginning to struggle with is my route. I run the same route in the morning, mostly because I now that it is well light yet not very well traversed with car traffic. I also know exactly where I need to turn around and I am comfortable knowing where the sidewalk cracks are.

However, the things that make it such a great route in the morning are also making it redundant. I am challenged by my concern of trying a more adventurous route that I don’t know very well in the dark. Will I be able to get the miles I need in? Will I be able to see? What is the traffic (pedestrian, dog, car) like?

Truth be told, as much as I dislike the redundancy I am not ready to change the route until I am comfortable meeting my miles in the time allotted each morning. Instead, I think that I need to re-frame my struggle with redundancy and look at it as an opportunity to gauge my progression.

As pleased as I am with myself that I am getting up consistently in the morning, I now need to start pushing myself a bit harder in the morning. Worry less about getting it done before work and focus on the quality of the run itself and finding ways to improve. Today’s successful negative split has shown me that I have the speed skills there, I just need to practice them.


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