Rest day abs

Rest day Monday was a bit different this week. With the downpours we had today there was no lawn mowing or lunch time walking. Rather than be totally immobile, I did the Nick Symmonds core routine that I discovered on YouTube.

I have been looking for something to mix things up. While the 14 day plank challenging is going well, I’m not as challenged by it as the name would lead one to believe. Not to mention, who better to take advice on core routines for runners than an Olympic medalist?

I found the routine to be challenging enough that I was not able to complete it in the “5 minutes” that Nick apparently is able to complete it in. Not only does it have elements of core work it also has some flexibility aspects as well. Toes to hands nearly cost me my front teeth.

I think more than anything the requirement that I had to stop and think and focus made the routine exciting. It was new moves and different combinations that caused me to stop and think, resulting in more focus on the areas that I am working to improve. I would highly recommend trying the routine. Make sure that you have plenty of floor space, since a few movements require quite a bit of flailing around (for lack of a better term).

I have included the link to the YouTube video below, just click the screen shot!

Happy Running!

Author’s Update: Wednesday August 9th-My abs still hurt from this. That is the first time that I have ever done an ab routine that stays with me two days later. 




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