Shadow Running Form

Early morning run on a cool-ish morning. Was up and out by a little before 5am this morning. I got up fairly easily today, though I must have still been half asleep since I turned my watch on but forgot to turn on Strava; something I didn’t realize until about three-quarters of a mile into the route.

I enjoy Strava because it gives me a break down of my per mile pace along with a map of my route. I chose to go with the free version, since as of right now the premium features are a little too premium for me.

It was under one of the street lamps that I realized the early morning hour allowed me to capture my shadow more accurately than on a sunny weekend run. I was able to catch sight of my form and realize that I was swinging my arms a bit more than I realized causing my upper body to turn a little bit more than I would like. The discovery has given me a little more insight into an area that I can work to improve upon.

I don’t know the exact answer on how to fix the issue, but as I was running I made a game plan to research the topic. I don’t know if it is an issue of core strength or fatigue or perhaps it was the way my shirt was uncomfortable running my back. Regardless, I need to determine some tips to help keep my upper body a bit more rigid yet relaxed.

I listened to my audio book this morning since I wasn’t feeling like music and wanted something a little quieter, more soothing, but distracting none the less. Lauren Graham’s voice was soothing and helped keep me going even though my legs are feeling heavy.

I did 3.1 miles in 37 minutes. It wasn’t the fastest pace ever, but I managed to accomplish negative splits so I was pleased with that aspect of the run. Overall, I was happy that I got up early and got out the door with only minor snafus. I am finding it somewhat enjoyable heading out early, it does start my day off on a positive note and gets my training run out of the way leaving me to feel less selfish in the evening time.

Tomorrow is a new day with a new set of miles to it!

Happy Running!

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