Rest Day With Hornworms and Planks

It’s Monday so of course I mowed the lawn! Granted last week I used it as my cross training event, this week I decided to just do it on my rest day. It was a bit cooler than yesterday, when I had initially planned to do it but was too tired.

IMG_2858I had initially planned to do leg day on Monday since it is a rest IMG_2859day and my Tuesday mileage is pretty low, but by the time I mowed and took care of my tomato plants that were violated by a hornworm it was too late to key myself up with an intense strength session.

To compromise or at least feel better about not working on strength training, I began a 14 day plank challenge. The plan had appeared on the splash screen of My Fitness Pal app so I decided to give it a go. It seems pretty straight forward and takes just a few minutes each day. I was also trying to find something that Jesi and I could start together, I know that she is anxious to restart her fitness journey. I thought it would be a great little quick at home routine that we could do together.

Today’s routine took less than two minutes to do planks and side planks. My ultimate goal with planks isn’t to start a great 6-pack (though that would be nice) but instead to build up my core strength.

I have noticed that when I get tired I sag/lean. I feel like if I had a stronger core I might be less apt to hunch forward when I get tired. Also it will help me practice “activating” my glute muscles.

I will anxious to see how this two week challenge helps improve my posture and the impact it will bring to my running. Anything that will increase core strength will be a positive step forward.

Happy Running!


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