Sunday Funday But No Cross Training

Sunday, a day of rest or in the case of my training plan-a day of cross training. I focused more on the rest portion of the concept.

Church took up the morning portion of the day and after a shopping expedition to buy new khaki pants we just relaxed.

We tried a new restaurant (or I should say new to us) California Tortilla. We really enjoyed it and think that we have found a replacement for Chipotle. It was quieter and much more relaxing. The food was incredibly delicious! The salad was so large that even splitting it we were unable to finish it.

After our lunch we took a nice nap. It has been awhile since I have taken such a nice, long but not too long nap. More than the nap I managed to just spend today and after my run yesterday reading. My love of reading fulfills the geeky portion of my name. I have been remiss in my reading as of late. But I have been trying to carve out a little time each day to read, if only a portion of a chapter.

But I was pleased that this weekend involved some serious dedication to reading. I am currently reading Sally Bedell Smith’s Elizabeth The Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch  It has been an enjoyable and informative read. I would highly recommend this large tome, well over 600 pages of information not only about the Queen herself but also various parts of British history and the workings of the monarchy.

After the long run yesterday, it was nice to let my legs relax and just enjoy time with Jesi in quiet solitude. Jesi and I have discussed having a more active weekend, perhaps with our bikes or one of the local trails. It was definitely be fun to have a cross training day with her. Running isn’t her forte it will be nice to share a portion of my training with her so she can also experience it.

Happy Running/Cross Training!

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