A Long Run Of Hills And Rain

Mixing things up a little bit for my long run. Rather than a solo, audio book fueled run I ran with Regina and another friend Marilyn. I was excited to see Marilyn since it’s been about two years since we have worked out together. She is always a hoot to hang out with. FullSizeR


We met in Middletown and did some hill work in the rain. My pace wasn’t fabulous time wise, but we ran the whole time and conquered those hills like they were nothing. Most importantly, we laughed and talked the whole time about everything and nothing. It was nice to have a change in scenery and it was especially nice to have friends to pass the time while running.



splitI focused on keeping a consistent pace (the 2017 overarching theme) and hydration. I think I achieved both goals successfully coming back with a hydration pack that was lighter and a time that was solidly within a minute of each other. The pace for the last mile and a half was a  bit lower than the others since we lunged up the last hill we had and then walked the last quarter of a mile as a  cool off.

The run was also nice given my last group run experience. It seemed to remind me of the good things about running with a group with like minded goals. We are all slightly different in our paces, but honestly not by much. Despite the differences in paces we all have very specific race goals in mind. I realized as I was running that is the difference between my Thursday run and today’s run….specific goals definitely shape the experience.

Each run I take is purposeful-it is a small portion of the larger picture. Even though I have a more regimented focused view of each run I am finding that I am enjoying the process more this year than any other year. As someone that prefers lists and flow charts, starting each run with a specific reason helps make the run more enjoyable.

Me, Marilyn, Regina and Lew (who didn’t actually run with us but wanted to look like he did)

Happy Running!

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