Raining Rest Day!

It was raining sideways today! The weather service put out a flash flood warning for the Frederick area.

Typically even on rest days I still walk a bit at lunch time with my friend and co-worker Dennis. But as lunch time grew closer the clouds started rolling in. By the time we usually walk the parking lot was filled with at least a half inch of water-with water still coming down.

Today was truly a rest day, which was a good thing given how tired I have felt this week. It was nice to just have a day to rest and recover. Also, with the stressful issues with my mom that popped on the radar yesterday it was nice to not have to think about anything other than work and Friday night grocery shopping and sushi.

I’m in hopes that the rain will hold off long enough in the morning tomorrow so that I can get some running in. I don’t mind getting wet and have often trained in the rain but when it’s coming down that hard I find it not only un-enjoyable but potential dangerous.

Fingers crossed that the rain is at least manageable tomorrow.

Happy Running/Rest Day!

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