Look out for Pepe Le Pew

IMG_2796This morning was a struggle to get up and out. I did manage to go to bed earlier and was a little more rested, but I just wanted to keep sleeping. The internal argument was rather loud, so much so I’m surprised I didn’t wake up Jesi with the ruckus.

But after a few minutes of fighting I headed out on my way…remembering my headlamp this morning.

I have started running a little sooner than the end of the block, I noticed that I when I wait to start running until the end of the street it messes with my average mileage time. While I use the nearly quarter mile walk as a practice for the MCM, I realized it’s messing with my sense of accomplishment. I still walk to start my longer runs to give myself ample warm up time, but for shorter/speed-centric runs I start hustling a little sooner.

The sun was just beginning to peek through the trees this morning, I was grateful to have at least a little light-if only because it helped me spot the skunk on the sidewalk. The movement is want initially caused me to jump (see yesterday’s post a bout the boa constrictor shopping bags). When I looked to the left I realized that a rather irritatedskunkspray skunk had sort of hauled ass in my general direction. I hauled ass across the street to get as far away as possible (I did check for traffic before bolting)

Thankfully the rest of the run was pretty tame, no other wildlife to contend with. Like yesterday, it was pretty quiet with minimal car traffic and really no other people traffic, save a couple dog walkers.

My time was a little faster this morning-running at a sub-11 minute mile pace. Again I managed to have a negative split on the way home. I think the shorter runs are going to be where I fine tune those aspects of my run. Figuring out the right balance of speed and endurance to ensure that the end has a strong finish.

I did enjoy the beautiful site at the end of my run, the fog covered field that will soon be fiIMG_2797lled with houses. The sun just beginning to brightly shine. It was a nice moment to quietly reflect on the start of a new day, that thankfully didn’t start with being sprayed by a skunk.

I am enjoying the morning runs, not so much the getting up part, but the run itself in the quiet morning is rather nice.

Happy Running!


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