A Lost Hat Found

I wanted to go at 5:30 am. I had every intention of getting out there before the crazy heat. I woke up at 4:30 am, made my oatmeal and stretched out for what was to be thirty minutes. Two hours later I woke up to sun peaking through the crack in the bedroom curtains. I felt refreshed and much better rested then while I was stumbling around the kitchen trying to make my breakfast.

It wasn’t hot but the humidity was pretty heavy. This was going to be my second long run with my new hydration pack. I put my Run Gum, cookies, ID and money and my hydration bladder. I wore a bandanna but thought that it would be nice to have something dry if my sweat gets too heavy, I stuff my lucky red Semper Fi Fund hat into the pocket in the back of the pack.

I turned on my Lauren Graham audio book and took off. My pace wasn’t quite as consistent as last week, but I still stayed a moderately consistent pace. My walk breaks were fewer than in years past. I tried to stay focused on merely slowing my run rather than walking. If I had to walk, I focused on walking for no more than one minute.


At some point during the return run, my lucky hat fell out of my pack. A realization I didn’t make until I was already home. Thankfully Jesi was willing to amuse me and drove me back along my route to find it. I must admit that there are lot of smashed red solo cups along Market Street that resembled my hat, something that got my hopes up quite often. As we got closer to home with no luck spotting my hat, I thought for sure someone had scooped it up. I was already saying my conciliatory statements “Someone must have needed it more than I did.” “It’s just a hat.”

IMG_2740Then Jesi excitedly pulled over yelling there it is! Someone had kindly placed my hat on top of the trash dumpster.

As a thank you for humoring my need to find my hat, I treated Jesi to breakfast at a locale restaurant. Despite the humidity, we enjoyed a nice breakfast on the patio area-enjoying the locals as they walked by. Taking in the issues with local grumpy meter reader. IMG_2746


I wasn’t as pleased with the run, but I can see areas that I have improved upon. I think the decline in time in the last couple miles can be attributed to the two hour nap that messed up my food timing. Also, the humidity was beginning to increase as the morning wore on. On the upside, I walked less and have found a hydration pack that is comfortable and encourages me to drink more. I’m also learning a food/water intake schedule that I think will be helpful in the long run.

Overall it was a good day!

Happy Running!

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